Friday, February 17, 2006

Tame Your Technology

I was interviewed this week by Neal Miller, host of Taming Technology. Taming Technology is a radio show that tells its listeners "how to survive and succeed in the high tech jungle."

Neal is quite an affable guy, and he and I spent about 45 minutes discussing grid computing (and, of course, I got in a plug or two for the Digipede Network). The topic for the episode was "Grid computing--what is it and how is it being used?"

If you'd like to listen, watch the Taming Technology website--it'll come up soon. Or you can listen to it when it first streams on the VoiceAmerica Business channel--tomorrow at noon, Pacific. (VoiceAmerica is "the industry leader in Internet talk radio").

It was my first long format interview; I think I was wordier than I should have been. I hope to do these more in the future, and I hope to get more concise when I do it. If you listen this weekend, let me know what you think!

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