Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cool Grid White Paper

Many of our customers are what you might think of as typical grid computing customers: finance, government, digital content creation, storm simulation. These are the applications that people typically think of when they think about grid computing.

But we have many customers far outside of the typical grid computing realm. These are people who have .NET applications that need speed and scale, and are using grid computing to solve their problems. The breadth of these applications is amazing--people use .NET to do a lot of interesting things.

One of those interesting customers is Trekk Cross Media. Trekk is a marketing and communications company that can tap into some great tech expertise to create fantastic solutions. Jeff Stewart, their VP of Technical Services, recently gave a talk and presented a paper at the ESRI International User Conference. The paper shows how they used grid computing (the Digipede Network, of course) to dramatically increase the throughput of their custom mapping application.

Great job, Jeff!

Check it out here.

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