Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Case Study!

Over on the Digipede site there's a new case study about a Digipede customer: Trekk Cross-Media.

Trekk is a forward-thinking marketing company with high-tech savvy. They came up with an interesting product--for their clients (large retail chains), they will create direct-mail packages that include maps from homeowners' houses directly to the nearest chain store. They wrote the application themselves, and their customers liked it a lot. In fact, too much. The product was a hit in test markets, and the customers wanted to take it nationwide.

But Trekk's application could only produce 750 maps per hour. To handle large jobs would take days. They looked into a difficult and expensive option: converting their application to a multi-threaded architecture, then buying expensive new hardware.

Luckily, before they got too far along that road, they found Digipede. Using a trial copy of the Digipede Network, the Digipede Workbench, and a command-line version of their product, they quickly determined that they could get the scalability they needed. They bought it. Using the Digipede Framework SDK, they modified their application to integrate directly with the Digipede Network; within a few days, they were in production.

The case study has some nifty pictures and some quotes from Jeff Stewart of Trekk. You should check it out.

What I love about this project was how quickly it all happened. Jeff attended a webinar and decided to try it out. Workbench let him distribute his command-line tool immediately. And after deciding to go with the Digipede Network, they were up and running within days--all without a single visit from Digipede. They did everything themselves. I like to think it's testament to the ease of use we bring to Windows distributed computing, but I'll have to give them credit for being savvy software developers as well.