Friday, October 07, 2005

Windows? Grid? You betcha!

I saw a post on the GridTech blog that reminded me of an article I meant to write about.

Martin LaMonica had a good article that made the rounds over the last couple of days (and sparked a good discussion on ZDNet).

The interesting thing to me was that Tony Hey, VP of Technical Computing for Microsoft, describes their effor as being focused on data grids rather than compute grids. It's not clear what that means with regard to the Compute Cluster Edition--that seems to be a computing product.

John and Robert are up at Microsoft's eScience Workshop; maybe they'll run into him and get the scoop.

I certainly think that Vista, WPF, and WCF will provide fantastic ways to move and visualize data. I can't wait to release some of the technologies that we're going to be able to provide with that foundation under the Digipede Network!