Monday, October 17, 2005

G.O.O.P. and Code Camp

A couple of weeks ago, Steve Borg attended one of our webinars (if you're interested, we're having another one tomorrow at 10:00 AM PDT). Steve is one of the talented guys at Accentient; I love the way they describe themselves, because I totally identify with it: "All of our trainers are developers by trade - with one small exception: we can communicate!"

Anyway, Steve called us right after the webinar. He had a few questions, and a suggestion: that I give a session at Seattle Code Camp v1.0. Code Camp is a non-denominational event by coders for coders (in other words, not devoted to a particular language or platform). As they describe it in their FAQ,

The Code Camp Manifesto consists of six points: (1) by and for the developer community; (2) always free; (3) community developed material; (4) no fluff – only code; (5) community ownership; and (6) never occur during working hours.
I'm going to give a 75-minute talk on what we at Digipede call G.O.O.P.: Grid Object Oriented Programming. How is GOOP different from OOP? Well, it's definitely still OOP. But it allows you to take advantage of the grid--your objects will execute on different machines simultaneously.

My talk is Sunday afternoon at 3:00. If you're in the area (it's being held at the DeVry University campus in Federal Way, WA), come on by! I'll be giving away free copies of the Developer Edition of the Digipede Network.