Friday, October 21, 2005

Code Camp v1.0 This Weekend

As I noted before, I'm off to Code Camp this weekend.

I practiced my talk on my wife last night and my co-workers today over lunch. My wife fell asleep; my co-workers peppered me with questions and helped me a bunch.

Lots of folks are attending; a quick trip around the blogosphere found references here, here, here and here before I got tired of clicking. I'm excited to be in a place with a lot of great thinkers--one of the reasons I loved PDC this year is that the attendees tend to be really smart people, and every conversation I had was interesting. I expect more of the same at Code Camp.

I'm also really appreciative of the opportunity (thanks, Steve and Jason). It was a very useful exercise for me to put together a 65 minute (+/-) presentation on Grid Object Oriented Programming, because it forced me to think about it from the perspective of someone who hasn't done it before.

We've been working hard on the Digipede Network and the Digipede Framework (the development tools) for over two years now. I think about grid and distributed computing all day every day. So I rarely put myself in the shoes of someone who is beginning to think about these concepts for the first time. It's always a useful marketing and educational exercise to do that periodically.

As a result, I feel like I've got a really good introductory talk for developers. It introduces the key concepts, and lets them see some of the fundamentals of designing software for distributed computing.

I got some help with my talk from Kim; she'll be giving talks like this a lot in the coming months so I was glad to get her input.