Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Partnering with Microsoft

There are lots of reason we chose the Microsoft platform on which to write a distributed (grid?) computing product: .NET is a great tool, tons of opportunities out there, no one else in the space. But another reason is the great support that Microsoft gives to ISVs.

They have a great Partner Program (including the Empower program for startup ISVs). They actively foster an independent partner group (IAMCP). They have a portal to promote the ISV community at ISV Connect. They have lots of employees who have technical blogs, but they also have blogs aimed at helping ISVs with non-technical issues, too: ISV Chalk Talk and Kari Martin's .NET Blogette help ISVs.

But the other good thing is how much help they give to startups. Microsoft helps startups? That's right! Microsoft has a team that does nothing but help startup ISVs. And they're writing about it, too: just in the last couple of days, I've found good blog entries from Don Dodge and Sam Ramji, and read a good column by Dan'l Lewin. The long and short of it? As a startup ISV, you need all the help you can get. It's great to have such a good partner.

When you look at all those benefits, the decision to build on the Microsoft platform just looks easier and easier. I'm glad we made it.