Friday, October 28, 2005

Digipede Webinar on Tuesday 11/1

For a few months now, I've been hosting a webinar every other Tuesday to talk about the Digipede Network. It's been pretty fun; we've had a variety of people attend (and some have become customers!). I usually open the floor to questions at the end of the session (they run about 30 minutes).

This coming Tuesday I'm hosting a "Grid Computing for Financial Applications" webinar. A lot of the content is Digipede specific (to give people a general understanding of what the Digipede Network is and how it works); however, I will talk specifically about some finance applications, and show one in action.

If you've been reading this blog and would like to see some Windows grid computing in action, register for the webinar here. I'd love to have some attendees from the blogosphere!

Details: Tuesday, 11/1. 10:00 AM PST. Click here to register.