Thursday, June 29, 2006

Holy MacMandelbrot, Batman!

  e've been using a Mandelbrot generator as a sample application for quite a while now; those of you who have seen us at a tradeshow may have seen something like this before:

Or have you? Look closer!

Our new intern Robert started today, and he brought his Intel based MacBook. He booted to XP using Boot Camp, installed .NET, added himself to our network and installed a Digipede Agent. Next thing you know, he was adding CPU power to our grid!

  • The MacBook (with the Intel Duo Core) is screaming fast.
  • Robert only has 512 MB of RAM; he says that's plenty to run XP quickly, but OS X really lags. Now who's got the bloated OS?
  • My PowerBook at home died recently; maybe I'll have to think about the MacBook...

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