Friday, June 02, 2006

Hey everybody, look at me!

y friends and family all know that I'm an attention hound. Well, here are some upcoming events where you can see me, hear me, or maybe even both!

  • 6/6/06 - Developer Webinar: This 30-minute webinar will give a technical overview of the Digipede Network and then dive into Visual Studio, showing how to grid-enable an application. Register here.

  • 6/13/06 - .NET ROCKS: I am very excited to be the guest on .NET Rocks--the Internet Audio Talk Show for >NET developers. Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are wizards at taking a very technical discussion and making it a very entertaining show. Listen here.

  • 6/13/06 - Finance Webinar: Another webinar, but this one will be lighter on the code and heavier on the application. Thirty minutes, concentrating on uses of grid computing in finance. Register here.

  • 6/20-22 - SIA TMC 2006: The Security Industry Association's Technology Management Conference is Wall Street's E3--the place to see the latest, greatest tech tools being used in capital markets. We'll be there, showing some really cool applications and talking about what our finance customers are doing with grid computing. We'll also have some very exciting partner announcements, but the details on those will have to wait. For those of you in New York, this is a chance to come check out the Digipede Network in person.

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