Thursday, April 20, 2006

Monday: New York. Tuesday: Everywhere Else!

It's been a busy few weeks at Digipede (which you may have noticed by the small number of posts here).

In addition to planning our next release and some meetings with potential partners, we've been preparing for a couple of events next week.

On Sunday, John and I are going to New York. Microsoft is hosting its fourth annual Financial Services Developer Conference at the Millenium Broadway Hotel. I'm really excited about this--Stevan Vidich of Microsoft has asked us to give a demo during the Capital Markets keynote address Monday morning. It'll be a great opportunity to show off our stuff in front of Manhattan's finest developers--assuming that we can get network connectivity! As usual, it's a pain in the neck to actually get network connectivity at the hotel, which means I may have to give a distributed computing demo without being connected to any computers.

Unfortunately, I'm going to have to miss Tuesday's sessions (I'd really like to see the one by Naresh Bhatia and Stephen Maltzman from Sapient). I'm giving another MSDN webcast Tuesday morning, and I wanted to do that from my office. That all adds up to a hellish itinerary--I won't get to bed Monday night until about 4:30AM Eastern time.

But this should be a great webcast. After giving a good, basic "100" level description of Object Oriented Programming for Grid in my last webcast (you can view that here, by the way), I'm really going to dive in deep in this one. It'll be the most extensive code demo I've ever done. I'll show some practical applications of the Digipede Network, including using it with Excel (which I've shown before) and using it behind a web service and behind a forms app (both new demos).

You haven't registered yet? No fear: register here. Date and time: Tuesday April 25, 11:00 AM PDT.

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