Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Digipede News

I like writing about distributed computing more than I like writing company stuff (I feel so cheap when I do this!), but I also really like to spread good news!

My Gada.be feeds turned up two interesting bits of press about Digipede in the last 24 hours. Just in case you haven't set yours up yet, I thought I'd share them with you:

First, Mario Morejon of CRN magazine wrote a positively glowing piece about the Digipede Network. The headline says it all: Grid Computing Turns .Net Into Enterprise Powerhouse. I won't quote much here--just read the review; it's awesome. He gave us 5 stars!

Second, we were pleased to accept an invitation to Microsoft's BioIT Alliance. The BioIT Alliance is a group of companies "working to further integrate science and technology as a first step toward making personalized medicine a reality." Don Rule put it together--he's a very smart guy, and we're excited to be playing on his team.

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