Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Papers: Using Digipede with Matlab, Java

ver at the Digipede Community site I posted two papers yesterday. These are fairly technical documents that give step-by-step details on how to use the Digipede Network with some popular technologies.

The first paper explains how to integrate MATLAB M code into a Digipede Worker; it's a fairly simple process thanks to MATLAB Builder for .NET (and we have several customers doing this in production today). Later, we'll release some more touch-points between Digipede and MATLAB: distributing an executable compiled with the MATLAB Compiler, submitting a Digipede job from within MATLAB code, and using Digipede with the MATLAB Distributed Computing Toolbox.

The second paper explains how to use the Digipede Network with Java. Now, it's possible to invoke COM from within Java if you really want to, so technically it has always been possible to launch and monitor jobs. However, our .NET users know that the real power in the Digipede Network is the distribution and execution of objects. Well, thanks to our partners at JNBridge, you can now take advantage of our powerful object execution model natively from within Java--you can distribute and execute Java objects on your .NET grid. That is powerful stuff. Robert Anderson put this together; check it out.

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