Monday, July 30, 2007

Gettin' Griddy Wit It on .NET Rocks!

I can't resist a Will Smith reference, especially when it comes from the keyboard of one of the esteemed .NET digirati--in this case, Richard Campbell, co-host of .NET Rocks!

Last April, Carl and Richard interviewed me to find out about this new-fangled "grid computing for .NET" thing I kept babbling about. It was a blast (and totally made me want to do that for a living)--and I found out that Richard is not only a .NET guru, but also a closet SETI@Home fan (and when I say "closet" fan, I mean he's got a closet filled with water-cooled, over-clocked machines!).

Well, it's been a year and we decided it was time to update the world on what's happening in the land of grid. It's been a big year for Digipede, we have an upcoming release, and we just won a big award...there was plenty to talk about.

As usual, the interview passed in a blur--these guys are so darn good at what they do--but I don't think I had any huge gaffes. In fact, Carl invited me (on air!) to do an episode of dnrTV (which means I can hold him to it).

If you're doing .NET development and you don't already subscribe to their podcast, you should. They both blog, too; subscribe here and here.

And in any case, make sure you listen to tomorrow's show!