Sunday, January 22, 2006

More .NET SaaS

For a while now, I've been preaching the importance of both .NET and grid computing in the area of SaaS; they're both enabling technologies.

I'm always happy to find validation.

Over on the dotnetSaaS blog, Glen Cameron has a long quote from Romesh Wadhwani of Symphony Technology Group.

Romesh writes a lot about the software industry (some of which is right on, some of which I don't entirely agree with). One part I do like is this:

Enterprises want unified platforms and we're increasingly seeing a move towards the use of grid computing. But the grid is still nascent. There is a lot of infrastructure, underlying operating systems, middleware and visualization tools that are missing or not robust enough today.

There is a significant opportunity to develop the enabling tools and technology that accelerate the delivery of applications and solutions on grid computing platforms.

Absolutely correct. I'd argue that the essential middleware components are increasingly available. Adoption is starting to happen now.

And, on a side note: I hope that Sam Ramji knows that there's a blog out there called dotnetSaaS. Sam promotes SaaS for Microsoft's Emerging Business Team, and he'll be glad to see it being promoted!

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