Thursday, September 01, 2005

Three ideas to Show Off

We have three good ideas for our Show Off video.

First--a fictional story involving, of course, a .NET programmer whose software runs too slowly, a pointy-haired boss who demands that it run faster, and a genius who suggests increasing applicaiton performance by using the Digipede Network.

Second--a mock news report, where an anchor reports on an impending tragedy (of course, a .NET developer whose software runs too slowly), with on-the-scene reports as another programmer (or team? hero?) suggests using the Digipede Network.

Third--an infomercial for the Digipede Network.

The first is the type of thing I've done many times before, but it's harder to imagine it working on a technical topic. The second is particularly well suited for the Visual Communicator software we're going to use to put it together. And the third has a few really funny angles (then again, it's always really hard to do comedy right).

One week left to finish this thing, and I'm travelling for the long weekend. I might have some late nights next week!