Tuesday, September 13, 2005

All dressed up...

...and ready to go!

is underway! Right now, the throngs are off in the West Hall listening to Bill G. give his keynote. Over here in the Big Room, all of us exhibitors are doing the last minute preparation.

Strange networking problems here. We were here until about 9 last night; we can't get our VPN or SSH2 working. We're not sure why; supposedly, any NAT-T compliant VPN client should work. Neither our networking experts nor the team here can figure out why.

With his typical stroke of genius, Rob suggested we try SSH1. Boom! Everything worked.

Our neighbors here at booth 123 are Odyssey Software, SavvySoft (who makes a really interesting Excel tool), Codesmith, and Sun.

Sun, here to promote the interoperability between Java and .NET, are giving away t-shirts that say "I went to PDC and got this Java t-shirt from Sun." Kind of funny, because we're giving away postcards that show a guy in a t-shirt that says "My CTO went to PDC 2005 and all I got was radically improved performance." Different marketing budgets.

Of course, with our postcard you can get a free copy of the software, which may not be flashy tchotschke but is a hell of a lot more useful!