Friday, September 09, 2005

Ready for PDC!

We can't wait to get down to PDC 2005. We finished designing our booth (we found a great company who was terrific to work with). That should be, as they say, in the mail.

We also have some cool new sample applications we'll be showing in PDC.

I finally finished our video for the Show Off event. It was a ton of work; I hope they like what we did!

I actually had some problems with Visual Communicator. Their support staff was extremely responsive, but they couldn't figure out the problem. I had difficulties with the audio getting really messed up and jerky. Finally, my co-workers Kim and Nathan suggested something really obvious: defrag my hard drive! Of course, we're talking about some huge files here--the five minutes of video is approximately a gig--and there's no way I had a contiguous gig on my hard drive.

That made an improvement. I then cut the video into pieces so I was only dealing with files of about 500 megs; that did the trick.

The nice folks at Show Off had granted me an extension until this morning, and I just finished the video (of course, compressing it to high quality WMV took about an hour--we need to talk to the Serious Magic folks about Digipede-enabling their software!)

I'm really looking forward to PDC. I'll be blogging from LA next week, giving updates.

And then I'll be able to start talking about what this blog is really all about: West Coast Grid!