Tuesday, June 10, 2008

In the Digipede Lab: Velocity and Mono

I haven't been keeping up with the other Digipede bloggers...but in case you haven't seen it on John's and Rob's blogs, we've got some interesting stuff happening in the lab here at Digipede world headquarters.

Rob talked about the work he's done playing with Mono. He's pretty understated about how cool the work he did was. Of course, as Rob says, it can launch Linux specific binaries. But also:

it is able to run our .NET development patterns.
That, to me, is the real potential here (and it's also what makes Mono so cool) -- taking the awesome developer experience of .NET and making it available on multiple platforms. We've said it over and over again: developer experience matters, and reducing the time it takes a developer to get his software running on the grid is extremely important. This could let people leverage our development tools even more.

Rob's and John's caveats all stand: this is not a product, it's not slated for release, etc.

Running elsewhere in the lab: Velocity!

I'm very excited about Microsoft's foray into the distributed object cache field -- mostly because I talk with our customers, and our customers have been begging for this.

I started doing performance testing here in our lab, and I can tell you this: it can dramatically improve performance for moving data on the grid.

Hey, Digipede customers -- if you want to know more about these proofs-of-concept, e-mail me directly: dan at youknowwhere dot net.

Photo credit: blary54

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