Friday, June 13, 2008

Calling Early Adopters

Our customers range from the very pro-Microsoft to the quite agnostic--we've tried to walk a line that allowed the .NET-embracers to get the most out of technology, while letting non-programmers with a pile of desktops tap into their computing power quickly and easily.

It's sometimes a difficult line to walk.

Anyway, this post goes out to the former group: the .NET-lovers, the early adopters.

Rob and I have posted (and he's done some twittering) about some of the technologies we've been investigating over the last couple of weeks: Workflow Foundation, Microsoft Distributed Cache (Velocity), Mono. We've done some very cool, very interesting things here in the lab -- and we are interested to hear your perspective on them.

We'd like to talk to you if you're using any of these, or if you're interested in using them. How are you doing it? How would you like it to interoperate with your grid?

Drop me a line at dan at you-know-who-ipede dot net and we'll set up a LiveMeeting.

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