Thursday, April 24, 2008

MDavey in DDJ: PFX, PLINQ, and Digipede

Matt Davey of Lab49 must live in a world where the days are 30 hours long.

Read his blog and you'll soon find out that he's an expert at user interface (Lab 49 has been working with Microsoft for a while on cutting edge UI with Silverlight and WPF), but he's also delved quite deeply into complex event processing as well as distributed computing.

He also manages to write articles for Dr. Dobb's -- oh, and don't forget that he's a consultant, so you know he's working for clients as well.

I don't know where he finds the time.

But I'm glad he does. In his article in the current Dr. Dobb's, he discusses parallelism and concurrency, PLINQ and ParallelFX. He writes about his experience taking PLINQ and implementing it to run on a compute grid (using the Digipede Network). Check it out.

One thing he doesn't mention is that some people developing in .NET are solving their multicore problem using Digipede alone -- the API makes it dead simple to take single-threaded code and run it in parallel (on separate threads or in separate processes) on multicore and multi-processor machines.

As an aside: we are just about ready to release v2.1 of the software. It's been heads-down around here for quite a while as we get ready for this, which is by far our best release ever. Haven't had time to blog about it (or anything else, for that matter), but all should return to normal very soon.

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