Friday, March 07, 2008

Desktop software is hard, eh Google?

Blackberry curve image
I was excited to hear about Google Calendar Sync. I got a Blackberry Curve last week, and I've been playing around with the best way to get both my personal (Google) and business (Outlook) calendars sync'd with it.

We don't use Blackberry Enterprise Server, so the Outlook syncing seemed to be a bit spotty. It got some events over the air (maybe the ones for which I was e-mailed invitations), but didn't get all of them. If I plugged it in and used Blackberry Desktop Manager it worked fine -- but I didn't want to have to plug it in.

But with the Google Sync download for my phone, it started grabbing my Google Calendar items with no problem.

Google Calendar Sync seems like it's an ideal solution for me: it can keep my Outlook calendar in sync with a Google Calendar, and my phone can grab those events directly from Google over the internet. Fantastic!

Google Calendar Sync supports Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 onlySo I headed over to Google, downloaded the software, and ran the install. And this is what I see: "Google Calendar Sync supports Microsoft Outlook 2003 and 2007 only"

Now, this is a brand new laptop that has only ever had Outlook 2007 on it. It's never been uninstalled, reinstalled, or anything hinky. Should be pretty vanilla.

What's worse is that there's nothing I can do. No setup pages to look at, no documentation to read. I guess I'm just SOL.

Has anyone else seen this? And more importantly: has anyone else solved this?

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