Wednesday, July 11, 2007

CRN Article: Digipede is an "ISV You Must Know"

This hit the interwebs a couple of days ago, but I've been traveling and have fallen behind on my feed reading. But this was a great surprise!

Barbara Darrow of CRN published an article called "25 ISVs You Must Know." It's a list of 25 companies developing on the Microsoft platform that, well, in her words, you must know!

I was excited to see that we made the list (see page 2). And I was even more excited to read the quotes she got from one of our systems integrator partners, West Monroe Partners:

West Monroe Partners, a Chicago-based consultancy, is fully aboard. "The ability of this product to accelerate application performance for our customers is tremendous," said Nathan Ulery, technology solutions practice leader at West Monroe Partners.

The consultancy's first implementation required two days of training and a day of setup at the customer site. In that time, they "grid-enabled" the client's component that performed myriad complex transactions.
That's the kind of thing we've been saying for a couple of years now--get your grid up and running in a day, and get apps running in just a couple of days. We've had many customers experience the exact same thing: developers adapt their .NET apps to run on the grid in a matter of hours, not a matter of weeks. But many of our customers are too secretive to say this kind of thing in public.

So thanks to Barbara for the mention and thanks to Nate Ulery for the great quote!

Tonight John and I will attend the Microsoft Partner Awards dinner--and we'll find out if we got the ISV Innovation Partner of the Year Award. More on that, and on some of the announcements we've heard here at the Worldwide Partner Conference, later.

Update 4:54pm: Wandering around here at WWPC, I just realized that this article is a big feature in a handout here called SolutionsInc. Fun to see this kind of stuff in print!

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