Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another Reason IT Matters

  ately I've been traveling a lot. As I do so, I've been using Microsoft's Outlook Web Access increasingly. I think it's *very* well done. I had heard about it a lot in the last year (especially as Microsofties were saying things like "AJAX is nothing new, we've been doing that for years").

The UI is very, very rich for a browser application.

In the office, however, I still use the heavy, client version of Outlook--it just plain has a better UI, and it has better features. I also use the client version when I'm disconnected (on a plane, for example, or anywhere else I don't get free internet access).

I really like the option of a Thick Client when appropriate, and a Browser client when the Thick Client just isn't possible (at home on my MacBook Pro, for example).

Just now, trying to read my personal e-mail, I received another reminder of why I don't love browser-only applications:

Gmial is temporarily unavailable. I shouldn't worry; they're currently working to fix the problem.

All I can say is, thank goodness that we're not using this for corporate email!

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