Friday, September 29, 2006

MSDN Webcast: Excel Services and Grid Computing

  ack in April I did two MSDN webcasts: Object-Oriented Programming for Grid: Grid Computing for .NET and Advanced .NET Programming for Grid Computing (both are available on-demand at those links).

I had a blast doing them and had more than 100 attendees at each. Recently, they asked me if I could do anything regarding the upcoming Office 2007 release. Given the very cool work we've been doing with Microsoft's Financial Services Group with Excel Services and Compute Cluster Server, I jumped at the chance!

I'll spend an hour giving a general introduction to Excel Services, talking a bit about grid computing, then bringing the two topics together and explaining why the two technologies complement each other so well.

Using Grid Computing to Scale Excel Services (Level 200)
Wednesday, October 4th, 10:00AM PDT

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