Monday, September 25, 2006

How do you say that?

learned an important lesson during Bill McNee's (founder and CEO of Saugatuck Technology) talk this morning: a new pronunciation of SaaS!

I know lots of people who use SAS Software, and it's always bugged me that SaaS tends to be pronounced the same way (rhymes with "pass").

One possible alternative would be to make it rhyme with "moss" (such as the Haas Pavilion on the Berkeley campus). But "soss" doesn't have any zing to it and just doesn't seem likely to fly.

But Bill McNee had a different take on it, and I loved it. When he says it, it rhymes with "jazz." So it kind of sounds like "sazz." It's perfect: it's jazzy, it's snazzy, and it doesn't conflict with SAS.

From now on, I'm using it. Thanks, Bill!

By the way, there are another couple of acronyms that need pronunciations, and I've been bold enough to step up and offer some:
HTML: hot meal
OPML: oapmeal (sounds like oatmeal)

Any others?
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