Thursday, July 13, 2006

Facts and Figures from WPC06

s I've been attending keynotes and breakout sessions, I've been jotting down notes. As I sit here on my final morning, a few figures jump out at me.

First and foremost, .NET market penetration. I've been hoping to hear some numbers surrounding this, because recently someone expressed to me that he didn't think a distributed computing solution could ever succeed on the Microsoft platform because no one does "serious" development in .NET—he thought that .NET work was all GUI work, while everything behind the UI is written in Java. Yesterday Sanjay Parthasarathy put up a lot of numbers in his slides, but the one I wrote down was: Middleware Solutions Technology: .NET 60%, Java 36%. This was from a large IDC study last year (and those are global numbers; .NET is even more successful in North America and APAC). I'm not trying to say that .NET is a Java-killer; I'm just saying that anyone who thinks that .NET isn't being used for serious development needs to look at what's happening out there and re-evaluate their opinion.

During his keynote, Andy Lees gave us some numbers related to servers, clusters, and OS penetration. As I wrote about in an earlier post, Microsoft is doing very well in the server market. However (and not surprisingly), they're losing badly in HPC and clusters. According to their own numbers, Microsoft currently has around 6% of the HPC market. Even more interesting was the fact that 40% of the servers that are sold with Linux on them go into clusters—that's a huge number. It will be interesting to see what Kyril Faenov and the HPC group at Microsoft can do to try to gain share there.

Well, that's it from WPC06. I'm off to Logan to get home. By the way, those of you who have been closely following the "meals Dan got in Boston," here's the final scorecard:
  • Number of times I didn't get breakfast because they ran out: 1
  • Number of times I didn't get lunch because they ran out: 2
  • Number of times I had appetizers for dinner because that's all they gave us: 2
  • Number of Gold Certified Partner lunches I attended where they ran out of food: 2
You'll be happy to know that at today's Gold Certified Partner lunch, I arrived early and was happy to sit down to a lunch. Thanks, Allison!

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