Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Outbound Compliance: Getting More Important (and Better!)

The InfoWorld TechWatch blog keeps track of, well, all things tech. It's a good all-around gatherer of information. Today there's a post on OCC: Outbound Content Compliance.

Corporations are increasingly needing to monitor their employees' communications to ensure that they are compliant with any regulatory issues as well as any internal guidelines.

One great product that handles this is OutBoxer by Audiotrieve. How do I know these guys? Well, I first met them at the Demo conference in Phoenix last January. They were demoing Outboxer, and we were demoing the Digipede Network.

As it turns out, they "train" their product by running millions of messages through it, using Bayesian analysis to make their algorithms more accurate. It's the kind of thing that scales linearly. We struck up a conversation with their CTO Sean True at the conference, and they were one of our early beta customers. They became a commercial customer as soon as we released. Their analysis runs went from overnight to under an hour. Faster analysis has two huge benefits for them: more accuracy and better use of their employees' time.

It was a great proof-of-concept sale for the Digipede Network. We never visited their offices; they were able to download and install the software by themselves. After seeing it work, they bought new, dedicated hardware to scale their solution even more. They were the first users of our COM API (which they were calling from Python!), and Sean got into .NET programming and even ported one of our samples to IronPython for the Digipede Community Boards.

If you're interested more in the implementation, we've got a case study here.