Friday, March 13, 2009

Look! It's a blog!

I hadn't actually forgotten that I have a blog...but from the date since my last post, it certainly looks like I have.

Certainly 2008 was a tough year, and I ended it by entering that fraternity known as "fatherhood" -- so I've spent less time blogging than I should.

I have still been following the grid and cloud spaces quite closely, though, and plan to start crystallizing more of my thoughts here.

In the meantime, some Digipede-in-the-news: Penny Crosman at Wall Street & Technology wrote an article called Adapting Legacy Applications to Multicore Servers that featured Digipede very prominently.

I was glad to see it, because it's one of the benefits we've been touting for quite a while now: many enterprises have a decade (or more!) of legacy code that they run, and any multi-core/multi-machine strategy (whether it is internal to their data center or external in a cloud) absolutely has to address the issue of how to adapt that code to take advantage of newer hardware.

A Digipede customer is quoted in the article quite extensively, but my favorite quote by far is this one:

...staff have become almost obsessed with throwing applications on the grid because it's so easy to do.

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