Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sarah Perez Looks at Microsoft's Cloud

Sarah Perez at ReadWriteWeb has a pretty darn good post up about Microsoft's cloud efforts (at least the publicly announced cloud efforts).

While it's not terribly in-depth, it does highlight the breadth of Microsoft's efforts in cloud computing: the Connected OS, the Software Stack, the Developer Tools, and the Datacenter effort. I don't think I'm going out on too much of a limb to say that Microsoft is taking a broader approach to cloud than any other vendors out there.

Their vision of a "connected OS" is deeper than anything I see from any vendor. Their software stack spans consumer apps and enterprise apps.

Their development tools (many of which have yet to be announced) are broad and varied, and will continue to become richer. Always remember: Microsoft is a tools vendor first and foremost.

And, of course, they're building data centers at a pace that only they and Google can.

As with many efforts from Microsoft, I expect this to be ragged at times. It's a big company, and they are making this a huge effort. There may be conflicting offerings. There will definitely be failures.

But as Sarah points out, Ray Ozzie's Microsoft 2.0 is focused on this. So, mark my words: there will be some major successes.