Thursday, January 03, 2008

MSFT Supercomputing video online

Right before my weeks-long blogging blackout at the end of last year, I wrote that I was headed to Supercomputing in Reno. I never wrote an SC07 wrapup (although John Powers wrote one here), and it seems a bit late to do one now.

However, Patrick O'Rourke of Microsoft just told me about some videos they produced at SC07 and have gone online recently, including one that features an interview with me.

Check out the HPC++ page on the Microsoft site, and look for the Windows HPC in Financial Services link. It's a 9 minute video that features an interview with Jeff Wierer of Microsoft and a few different partners.

Patrick saved the best for last, by the way--my mug appears about 7 minutes in. If you watch the whole thing you'll notice, of course, that we're the only partner who can stake the claim to being all .NET.

(Note: ironically, I can't get that video to play in IE, but it works fine in Firefox. Don't tell my Microsoft friends I've got Firefox on my machine).

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