Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Upcoming: High Performance Events

For those aching to meet your West Coast Grid host face-to-face in the near future, I'll be at a couple of public events in November.

For the nth year in a row, I'll be at SuperComputing. This year's glorious location is the Biggest Little City in the World, which is fine with me (assuming they can feed all 9,000 attendees simultaneously, a feat which was beyond the ken of Seattle in '05). I don't mind mixing a little blackjack in with my HPC.

If you want to find the Digipede entourage in Reno, head for the AMD booth. We'll be demonstrating software running on some very cool new hardware. The manufacturer hasn't made an official announcement, so I can't name names or give details, but these guys are making some screaming hardware: the deskside, personal xsupercomputer is a reality. It's a great fit for a partnership: how can a developer keep 40 cores running on 5 motherboards busy? We've got the perfect SDK for you: turn that box into a .NET powerhouse.

Anyway, see you in Reno.

And for those of you across the pond, wait a couple weeks and you'll get your chance, too.

The National e-Science Centre (note the spelling of "Centre," this is the UK we're talking about) has invited us to participate in High Throughput Computing Week at the e-Science Institute in Edinburg.

I am very excited about this. Europe is years ahead of the US in terms of large grids, and David Wallom from Oxford is one of the top people in the UK in this regard. I'm happy we're going to be able to do a half-day hands-on lab, but I'm even happier at the opportunity to spend 4 days with some great grid thinkers.

And it certainly won't hurt that we'll be in the land for which my favorite beverage was named. David assures me we'll be within stumbling distance of a pub...