Friday, March 09, 2007


hree of us headed down to PodTech's palatial offices in Palo Alto yesterday to spend a little time with Robert Scoble. John and Rob did a half-hour interview on camera, then I did 10 minutes of show and tell using some of our demos (I even showed some code, which must have felt very Channel 9-y to Robert; he doesn't seem to do that now that he's in the heart of Web 2.0land instead of in the middle of Redmond).

Digipede may be a bit more "enterprisey" than most things he covers, but he's still geeky enough to appreciate a powerful software development tool when he sees one.

Scoble says it'll be take 3 weeks to get the interview up (and, given that he's headed to SXSW today, I bet it could take even longer than that!).

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