Friday, December 08, 2006

Welcome Seattleite Readers!

  endmondians as well!

For those of you living in the 425 or 206 area codes, Monday December 11th (which happens to be my second wedding anniversary), is your first chance to get an in-person talk on grid computing for .NET.

Digipede Evangelista Kim Greenlee will be giving a talk on concurrency and software development at the .NET Developer Association Monday on the Microsoft campus.

This will probably be the most expert group of developers that Kim has ever spoken in front of; so why would they be interested in an outsider talking to them about concurrency and .NET?

Well, she's an expert, first of all. And second, she's going to introduce them to the wonderful world of Object Oriented Programming for Grid. When you combine that sort of technology with the .NET expertise that lives on that campus, you're bound to see some great things.

Details for the event are here (Print the invitation! Come early for pizza!).

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