Friday, August 04, 2006

Grid Computing? In the Central Valley?

ou know you're big when you've made it to Fresno! Well, Digipede is hitting the big time.

Next Wednesday night, August 9th, our resident Evangelista, Kim Greenlee, will be heading south on highway 99 to present to the Central California .Net User Group. Kim is a very experienced developer (despite her "marketing" position, she's taken on several of our most difficult technical integration issues, including many ways to make Excel interact with the grid).

Kim's talk is going to be great. The title is "From Threads to Grid - Application Scalability and Performance for the 21st Century," and she's going to delve into the various ways to add scalability to your app: concurrency through multi-threading, grid, etc. As I said, Kim's an experience developer (writing software for 19 years), so this will be a very technical, very informative talk.

If you're in the valley, don't miss it! RSVP at

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