Monday, May 15, 2006

Scaling A Web Service--Webcast Tomorrow

 ne of the most exciting ways that people are using the Digipede Network is to scale web services. I know it sounds pretty pedestrian; so why is it exciting?

First, people are using web services to do some exciting things these days. The increasing adoption of Service Oriented Architecture, along with the capability of providing useful tools across the internet (think Web 2.0), mean that people are putting more and more cool applications behind web services.

But second, scaling a web service on a grid is the kind of thing that doesn't involve any re-architecture of an application. See, when many people think about the concept of grid computing, they think, "Well, that sounds great for a very special type of application, but it wouldn't work for me"--especially those who haven't seen the light of Object Oriented Programming for Grid.

However, scaling a web service doesn't mean you have to re-architect your application. There's no need to write any "parallelization" code. It just means running your web service on the grid to provide scalability. You can think of it as a CPU Load Balancer. It means that when a user hits your compute-intensive web service, it gets processed by a machine that has CPU capacity ready.

To show how easy it is to wrap a web service in some grid code and have instant scalability, I'm giving a webcast tomorrow morning (10:00AM PDT). I'll give an overview of the Digipede Network, then take a web service and grid-enable it. The whole thing will only take 30 minutes. There's only room for 15 people in the webcast; register here to secure a spot!

No parallelization required.