Friday, March 31, 2006

Cool Financial Applications on Windows

Here are some of the cool Microsoft Partners I met at the Financial Services Partners Summit. As usual, the best part of the summit was meeting other ISVs and find out what amazing things they're doing on the Microsoft Platform.

  • TAPSolutions: Their TAPMaster product acquires, stores, and manages market feed data.

  • Xenomorph: High performance database product, along with analytics and pricing tools to go along with it.

  • Eze Castle Software: Named for a real castle in France, Eze Castle has created a whole fleet of software for investment management firms.

  • ClusterSeven: They have tools and technology for managing, analysing and auditing Excel spreadsheets--a critical tool for compliance, among other uses.

  • Unrelated note: this is my 100th post at West Coast Grid. I've certainly enjoyed writing this blog so far, and I'm glad to get comments, questions and notes. I look forward to continuing this conversation!