Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good Reads

[Update: looking for my discussion of Microsoft's tools? It's down here]

Here are a few links for your perusal...

Don Dodge
, always an interesting read, echoes Dan'l Lewin's list of hot startups using Microsoft tools here:

Digipede—Its "many legs make light work" and turn any combination of servers and desktops into a grid for .NET apps.
Over at the Science Library Pad, they point out that SearchCIO has published Gartner's 2006 Top 10 Strategic Technologies.
Grid computing. Who's doing grid computing? Charles Schwab, Royal Dutch Shell and Sony are among the companies tapping the technology. Definitions of grid computing vary, but its popularity continues to rise.

And, my favorite read of the day, Software Development Magazine has just published a review of our software, the Digipede Network. Paid registration required for the article, but suffice it to say: Four stars! Thanks guys!

It's a great review, and not just because he liked our product. As it turns out, the author (Rick Wayne) isn't just a tech writer--he also does soil analysis. He knows his way around compute intensive simulations. So he converted his office into a mini-grid, using nothing but the Digipede Network software (and included documentation, of course)--with not a drop of help from us. He got it working in a snap, and he was one happy camper.

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