Tuesday, August 23, 2005

To Show Off or Not to Show Off?

So it seems that Microsoft is having a contest at the PDC--make a video that shows off your stuff. The videos should be shorter than 5 minutes; they're going to have a 2 hour event and show the best of them (and they'll also post them on Channel 9.

I've made a bunch of videos in my life (mostly when I was in a band, and I was even on MTV a bunch in a video for another band).

But I've never made any videos quite like this one. It'd have to show our product off, but it would definitely have to be entertaining, too. Nothing too dry, or I'd just bore myself to tears.

The question I keep asking myself is: "Could we make an interesting/funny video where someone actually grid enables something, and make the whole thing 5 minutes long?"

John and I did a six-minute demo this winter; it's tough to pack a lot in so short a time. And this is a minute shorter.

Still, I've seen some companies out there with some pretty cool video editing tools. It'd be fun to use them.

So I'm kicking it around...we'll see what ideas we come up with in the next few days.